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  • Baking beer bread.

    Within the last few weeks I’ve started cooking, or rather baking, quite a bit. My baking adventures started about two weeks ago when, following this recipe, I made a starter and subsequently baked my first sourdough loaf. I, unfortunately, did not have the forethought to write a blog post about my experiences, and going back […]

  • Red Smoke Barbecue: Detroit’s best barbecue.

    I was eating at Red Smoke the other day and realized I had never done a write up on the restaurant. I have eaten at Red Smoke many times and absolutely love the food, I just hope this writeup can adequately convey what a great establishment this is. Located right across the street from Greektown […]

  • El Topo is hiding something cool behind their Pringles machine!

    A few months ago I read about, El Topo, a small Mexican restaurant, located in Fenton Michigan, with a big secret. El Topo has a pretty nifty mural painted on its outer wall, other than that the restaurant looks pretty unassuming and typical of a small Mexican restaurant. I was unable to get a photo […]

  • Mississauga, London, and Sarnia – Oh my!

    Up until now, I’ve been trying to keep this blog strictly review based, going forward I will, however, be adding posts covering my personal vacations. I feel the need to give a little backstory on this vacation before I begin my recapping because I find the events leading up to this trip hilarious. Every year […]

  • Port Huron’s famous Edgar Allen Poe inspired The Raven Cafe.

    The Raven Cafe is an Edgar Allen Poe inspired cafe in the heart of Port Huron. Nestled between two more modern buildings it is impossible to not notice The Raven Cafe’s uniqueness even from the street. While downtown Port Huron is home to many old buildings The Raven Cafe is one of the oldest structures […]

  • Tanabata star festival at Antihero in Ferndale.

    Last night was my first time at Antihero and I have to say I was very impressed. I was immediately struck by the building’s exterior, I loved the sleek white tile and wood finished cubby hole entrance. To enter the restaurant you have to make your way through a small entrance way with doors one […]

  • Plum market comes to downtown Detroit.

    The first thing to know is that the plum market located in the Ally center is not a full service location, rather it is what plum market is calling a condensed collection. Being a condensed location you will not find any fresh produce, however you will still find a sizeable assortment of prepackaged “healthy” snacks […]

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