Last night was my first time at Antihero and I have to say I was very impressed. I was immediately struck by the building’s exterior, I loved the sleek white tile and wood finished cubby hole entrance.

Smooth white exterior and wooden cubby hole entrance, very chic.

To enter the restaurant you have to make your way through a small entrance way with doors one either end. Each entry way door being solid really adds to the ambiance by making it so no harsh daylight cascades through the restaurant’s front door each time a patron enters.

As you walk through the wooden door and enter Antihero you are greeted  by a host or hostess and taken to a table. Luckily we had gone near open so there were no waiting but there does look to be a nice area to sit and wait or have drinks if need be.

Waiting / meet up for drinks area.

The inside of Antihero is all wood paneling except for a mural at the top of the wall opposite the entrance. There are several inlaid booths and free standing tables. The inlaid booths are also encompassed in wood paneling and have a nice lighting fixture directly overhead, they are very cozy looking. The free standing tables are wood and very sleek looking.

View from entrance.

Going back to lighting and ambiance. The inside of Antihero is dim with the only natural light natural light coming from the large bay window at the front of the restaurant. The soft lighting was very easy on the eyes and relaxing without being overly dark. We were fortunate enough to dine at Antihero during their Tanabata star festival and got to see the ceiling decorated with hanging stars among other decorations.

Tanabata flyer.

To celebrate Tanabata Antihero had food and drink specials benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as selling strips of paper to write a wish on for one dollar each.

Tanabata history and promotion explanation.

Seeing all the hanging wishes by the bay window was nice. The sleek modern furniture, soft lighting and decor really created a wonderful hip modern atmosphere.  

We can see all the wishes on strips hanging here.

The only slight hiccup in my experience came as soon as we were seated and given menus. Right away we were told that two of the menu items were unavailable, which I find a big enough faux pas to dock a star for especially because we came in very close to open.

As for the food I had the spicy shrimp ramen. The ramen had a good flavor and was spicy but not too spicy. Would highly recommend. The only caveat being that anyone who gets the spicy shrimp ramen better make sure they really do like cilantro, a lot. Cilantro was listed as an ingredient of the spicy shrimp ramen but I was still surprised at just how much cilantro it came with, while not over powering the taste was noticeable at all times. I also had the Sho Chiku Bai – Mio Sparkling sake which was excellent.

Spicy shrimp ramen and sparkling sake.

In conclusion, I think Antihero is a wonderful establishment with a great atmosphere and great food. While the food menu might be a little small they have a very generous selection of drinks on the drink menu. If you are dead set on a certain food item just know you might not get it. Overall I give Antihero a solid 4/5, I would definitely go back!

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